5 Haiku By BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow

ripples through clouds
water stills
Basho’s sky returns


glaciers retreating  —
moss covered crops of round stones
grow in the fields


naked branches
wild pigs
bobbing for apples


a weed-strewn garden
how quickly the embers died
wet charcoal remains


stubborn leaves
rattling colors
scare the geese northward

By BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow


BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow has been a writer, photographer and artist since 1978. He grew up in rural Ohio, lived in the American Southwest and now resides in Sweden. His photography and flash fiction attempt to capture growing up as a farm boy or American Indian & Viking history. He frequently writes about Child abuse, Mental Illness and Spirituality; and finds rest in haiku as he walks through the forest grown over the remains of a Viking village gone more than a thousand years.

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