This is what the sun sounds like By Kaylee Jeong

This is what the sun sounds like

when it believes it will never die. How we think

the moon will never fall back around. How we ease
time between us like a glove off Orion’s hand. Look–

even a black hole seems two stars they can’t match to a god.
The first time I heard a quasar was to hear the clock counting heartbeats

and then why did you count them on your skin?
Two girls trying to know each other by the joining of their hands sounds

like something they will never know through telescopes;
there is so much hollow in the way our fingers touch. And here,

the streak across the stars that we thought had all the answers. We asked it
to be our miracle, heard it breathing. I didn’t know

that was the wish you never got. And there,
we found it: the place where they theorized the universe was lonely

because it was your voice that wandered off the walls. That is what
they call comet. The way the horizon whispers

when we have half-closed ourselves to sleep. The way I went
to my knees two days later when I heard the world fall,

two light years past this place I am hearing it unfold by your fingers.
I swear somewhere these voices know you by name. I swear

I hear you searching. I swear I hear your heart in radio waves.

By Kaylee Jeong


Kaylee Jeong is a high school student from Oregon who’s still trying to know her way with words.

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