Bloody (Isaiah 4:4) By Amy Lauren

Bloody (Isaiah 4:4)

The Good Book says you hate mockers
and speak for those
without a voice.
In that case, I expect a lot from Heaven.
Not to set it up as perfect, or anything,
but you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Breathe your hot judgment
on the neck of America.
Scrub the sheets of
all white pride
all slurs hurled at children
every word of mockery.

Did you ever ask yourself if you could do it?
Come down here at all, I mean,
cast off the robe of clouds
and rush out of a bleeding woman
into this world and the stench
of its mangers.

But then, they bloodied you.
And I guess that’s what
this whole thing is about.
If God could abide this earth,
bruised and bent,
so can I.

By Amy Lauren


Amy Lauren is a graduate student in Mississippi. Among other publications, her poetry appears or is forthcoming in Wherewithal Lit, Lavender Review, and Sinister Wisdom.

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