Survive Like the Water By Lydia Havens

Survive Like the Water By Lydia Havens

We are overjoyed to debut the newest member of the Rising Phoenix Press family. Survive Like the Water by Lydia Havens is officially available for pre-order! You may now reserve a copy of the full-length collection in our Etsy Shop! Creating this collection with Lydia was a life changing experience for our team. Working on this collection filled our days with courage and hope. Follow the link below for more details about reserving your copy.

Pre-order Survive Like the Water


Read Poems from the Collection:


Fine Print

Why I “Let it Happen:”

Back Stage at the Dance Show


About Survive Like the Water:

In her debut poetry collection, Lydia Havens explores how mental illness, grief, and abuse have correlated in her own life, and in the patterns she observes in the rest of the world. Divided into four thematic parts, Survive Like the Water describes trauma using everyday occurrences and objects, and asks necessary questions about healing as a lifelong process.


About Lydia Havens:

Lydia Havens is a poet currently living in Boise, Idaho. She is the co-founder and former Executive Poetry Editor of Transcendence Magazine, and the founder of Sapphic Swan Zine, a small publication for LGBT+ women and gender nonconformists. Her work has previously been published in Winter Tangerine, Drunk in a Midnight Choir, and Words Dance, among other places. Lydia is the 2015 Women of the World Poetry Slam Youth Champion, and the author of three self-published chapbooks. Survive Like the Water, published by Rising Phoenix Press, is her first full-length collection. She currently works as a teaching artist for Big Tree Arts Inc.


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