Stitches By Peter Faziani


Unforgettable moments
in broken fragments
like breaking irons
into rapiers
long forgotten dangers
of doing stupid things

Six years old

Winning wars

Touring Mars

And I can’t get back there

And I can’t reinvent it
but I can provide it
for you two.

My history leveled
broken bricks
shattered glass

I dreamt of offering you
the dreams I could only fantasize about
and when chimes ring and I’m taken back
to places I never wanted to leave
because I’d just have to go home

But your smiles tell me
that these things are not for naught.

By Peter Faziani


Peter Faziani is a 3rd year PhD Candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is also the Editor-in-Chief for Red Flag Poetry. His work has appeared in journals such as Words Dance, Silver Birch Press, The Sandy River Review, The Tau, Images, and other journals. He is a Michigander living in Pennsylvania with his wife, two daughters, and two corgis.

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