The Historian By N.L. Shompole

The Historian


Once upon a time,
Icarus with wings of
feathers and wax
soared, and touched the sky.
Once upon a time
Icarus, caught on fire,
mid-flight, and plummeted
towards the sea.
Once upon a time
Icarus, wax melted
and featherless
sank beneath the waves
and drowned.


Refuse the drowning, refuse the pull of salt water on
your skin, refuse the tide, refuse the storm. Write
yourself into existence because no one else will.

By N.L. Shompole


N.L. Shompole was born in Kenya. She is a multi-platform artist whose written and photographic works have been featured in various print and online publications including Two Cities Review, Words Dance Publication, Maps for Teeth, Invitation Annual, Kinfolks Quarterly and The Rising Phoenix Review. Lace Bone Beast, her most anticipated poetry collection was released in January 2017 and has received outstanding reviews.

She can be found on
Instagram @NLShompole

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