We are open for Photography and Art Submissions

In addition to our commitment to poetry as a way to represent modern social issues and marginalized populations, we at the Rising Phoenix Review believe in the power of photography and art. We believe in the evocative imagery of an abandoned building reclaimed by the wild, the heart-wrenching scenes of poverty captured across time and place, and the power present in shots of protests. Our team will consider sketches, illustrations, paintings, mixed-media collages, and photographs. We want to see the world through your eyes – what would you like to show us?

Submit your photography & Art to our submissions manager

Photographers and artists who have their work published by the Rising Phoenix Review will retain all rights to their photographs. Please feel free to watermark your photos in the bottom left or bottom right hand corner. The Rising Phoenix Review reserves the right to feature photography / art in promotions, in segments, and on social media, as long as The Rising Phoenix Review credits the creator of the piece. We pledge never to sell, distribute, or profit from the use of your photograph. All promotional use of the photograph / artwork will credit the original photographer or artists. By submitting your photography or art to the Rising Phoenix Review, you accept these terms and conditions.

Our team will consider sketches, cartoons, illustrations, paintings, mixed-media collages, and photographs. All photographs must be original and taken by the individual submitter. You must own all rights to your photograph / artwork in order to submit to the Review.

You may submit 1-5 photos / works of art during any one month submission period. Title all of your work before submission. Please include a short bio of 100 words with your submission.

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