When We Both Spoke In Alters: A Case Study on Love By Linette Reeman

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We are ecstatic to announce that the immensely talented poet Linette Reeman is the newest member of the Rising Phoenix Press family. Our team is honored to have the opportunity to work with them to release their collection When We Both Spoke In Alters: A Case Study on Love. Pre-order for the collection begin this evening. All orders will be shipped by the officail release date of the collection, which is April 28, 2017. This collection is a daring participant observation of different varieties of love and how that love impacts personal identity, and personal relationships. Linette is fearless with their social commentary. The emotional honesty of these poems is fearless breathtaking.

Stay tuned for more updates about the collection. We will reveal the official cover image and testimonials over the next few weeks.

Pre-Order the collection here.

About the author:

Linette Reeman (they/them) is an Aries from the Jersey Shore, so they’re not sure what you mean by “speed limit.” They’re pursuing a History B.A. from Rowan University, are the reigning Grand Slam Champ of Loser Slam, and were recently nominated for Pushcart Prizes by Rising Phoenix Press and Crab Fat Magazine. In Linette’s spare time, they occasionally sleep a full eight hours.

Read poems from the collection:

Virginia Woolf Walks Into My Apartment

Facts About Tigers

I Shotgun a Five Hour Energy Just to See if I Still Can

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