On The Older Man Fantasy By Karese Burrows

On The Older Man Fantasy

after Natalie Wee’s ‘On The Queer Girl Fantasy’

I say, I love an older man and the girls,
their faces light up like shooting stars.

They want to know if it is beautiful.
If he loves me sultry, pays attention

to my body the way an older man should.
They’re thinking sugary sweet, older

man fantasy living up to their dreams.
No playground love. I have someone who

knows what he wants. A first choice.
No boy acting grown up. Tell me: if I kiss

an older man, will my womanhood bloom?
Does this make me special, some kind of

novelty figurine in a shop window? Older
men are older men. I say, I have touched an older man.

I mean in the way you do when he doesn’t
want someone else to know about it.

Because you are not the only one. Because
you aren’t even the one. I don’t tell them

that loving him is like a swinging door.
There’s no good reason he calls me baby.

I am his one-stop-shop. The place he
goes where he knows someone will

miss him when he’s gone.

By Karese Burrows


Karese Burrows is a 23 year old poet and graphic designer from The Bahamas. She’s had works published by Words Dance Publishing, The Rising Phoenix Review, Penstrike Journal, L’Éphémère Review and The Harpoon Review. She was also featured as a Writer of The Week by Maudlin House. You can visit her tumblr at fluerishing.tumblr.com.

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