bottleneck By Mariel Fechik


i start by liquefying myself / the length of me draining down a green /
bottleneck, cold and sea-colored / i purchased it for 75 cents in a thrift
store / seven miles south of brown county, indiana / where my mother
had a premonition / about how i would become a pool at the bottom /
of someone’s driveway / and this is where i finish / the bottle rolling itself
down the street / looking for somebody else to contain

By Mariel Fechik


Mariel Fechik is a 22 year old Chicagoan with a bachelor’s degree she isn’t using very well. She sings in a band called Church Booty and writes poetry that she gives up on and then comes back to in the end. Her work has been published in The Black Napkin, Phosphene Literary Journal, The Stardust Gazette, and Montage Arts Journal.

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