Sprechen Sie Deutsch? By Rose Knapp

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Platz ist a poorly
Mono Plath
Fur Europa
Ur concept tour
De Flour flourishes
No ppl unversed in
Multiversal converse
Satanal psychedelics
Causality conversations
Space-time influences
But by no mean mines
Determines flwhoures
Comes anymore
Than comma vol
Self sterilization
Is a curious
Spiro affect
‘Crazy’ lab
Tosa usage
Snowing co.
Massage par
Lore Lola Lina
Oxford plants
Look up & smile^^
You’re on miso silo
Gynist gyre camera
Courtesy goes 2 Berlin
Much love to fools reading
They heyy say paranoid ppl
Make the best plants
Cura curiosa click snap
Happily we both have
Hackers on our sides
Your bedroom is hardly
What I expected it to be
For a Spin corp slave
Wow your porn is
More boring than
Phoenician poetry

By Rose Knapp


Rose Knapp is a poet, producer, and multimedia artist. She has publications in Lotus-Eater, Bombay Gin, BlazeVOX, Hotel Amerika, Gargoyle, and others.​ She has a chapbook with Hesterglock Press and currently lives and works in Manhattan.

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