telephone call By Troy Kody Cunio

telephone call

an old friend called me
wanting to get married
so the Air Force would
let him move somewhere
he doesn’t hate.

I said yes.
he was joking.
I wasn’t.

he said we might have
to adopt, to make it look

I said ok.
he was joking.
I wasn’t.

he said, how funny would
that be, the two of us
married with a kid, even
though we’re straight.

I said

By Troy Kody Cunio


Troy Kody Cunio lives in Orlando sometimes. His work has appeared in various online lit mags of varying repute, including Voicemail Poems, Beech Street Review, NYSAI, The Literary Bohemian, and Revista Literaria Centroamericana. He has performed his poetry at slams, open mics, dance parties, punk shows, art museums, and messy breakups all over the country. He is the uneditor of Rejected Poetry Journal, which you should submit to if you want.

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