after Manuel Álvarez Bravo

On the first day
the viejitos paraded in elegant vests
long-sleeved shirts & polished shoes
the sun chased its peak & shadows began
to spread along the streets of La Arenosa
satiated with the scent of muéganos y
buñuelos stirring the air
going deep into our lungs
wafting through the holes
of our hand-painted masks hot with gold
floating & dancing in the plaza
right turn
step turn
past the dozens of huehues cracking
whips like gods sending the sound of thunder
& rain rolling as night began to descend
the local singer dug in
his uniformed band set the party
& even the loneliest girl felt the courage
to extend a hand
to the rhythm of the drums

Una nota va sa sa sa
Un beso va sa sa sa
Una nota va sa sa sa
Un beso va sa sa sa

By Adam J Gellings


Adam J Gellings is a poet from Columbus, Ohio. He received his MFA in Creative Writing from Ashland University & currently lives in New York. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Post Road, Quarter After Eight & Salamander.

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