Sarin Nightmare By Noriko Nakada

Sarin Nightmare

I fall asleep
with the image

of my two-year-old
bolting into the alley

just as a truck
speeds through.

I cannot bring myself
to imagine

what comes next

a boy in shorts
facedown on a beach

on a Greek shore or
a diapered child

dusty and unmoving
on a powdery city street

are enough.
So I promise

to be more careful
to tell my partner

to stay vigilant
and we should

buy a water filter
and gas masks

and start growing our own food
and make a plan

for survival
because on days like this

that’s where
my mind goes.

By Noriko Nakada


Noriko Nakada writes, blogs, tweets, parents, and teaches middle school in Los Angeles. She is committed to writing thought-provoking creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. Publications include two book-length memoirs: Through Eyes Like Mine and Overdue Apologies, and excerpts, essays, and poetry in Lady Liberty Lit, Catapult, Meridian, Compose, Thread, Hippocampus, The Rising Phoenix Review, and Linden Avenue.

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