Exform daydreams By Ricardo Gonsalves

Exform daydreams

  • raisins @1.26¢ per pound
  • taxes due Nov.2nd
  • new credit card: Do Not Bend (over)
  • dentist appointment 2pm.
  • write Dear Joan letter to ex
  • Tuesday, visit mom at hospice
  • electric bill past due ($96)
  • call auto shop re: brakes
  • bury dog in back yard
  • student loans due yesterday $451
  • shoot neighbor—-bury near dog
  • Dow Jones 17,898.84 down-140.22
  • cash unemployment check
  • buy 2 used tires @ $46 ea.
  • bail dad out of holding
  • cut water use by 50%
  • sell blood on Thursday
  • 2 strikes 1 ball 2 outed in the 9th
  • jury duty April 1st
  • call ex and beg forgiveness
  • prepare for the rapture on Feb. 31st
  • razor blades @ $9.06 a pack

By Ricardo Gonsalves


Ricardo has been “writing” in forms as concrete poetry, experimental text and at times using barbed wire to contain written verse. The content of much of his work reflects a push-pull hybridity between the influence of Chicano Art, class struggle and the challenge of experimental expression. Nearly all his work is political and reflects the sharp edges of working class existence. He was Portuguese, born in New Bedford, Mass. in a hardcore working class community. Ricardo was also deeply involved in the Chicano Movement. Arrested for writing an article, with graphics, about how to make Molotov Cocktails. Arrested for rioting during the Chicano Moratorium. Arrested for sales and possession when he got out of the Marine Corp. Currently, he is an official something-or-Other at the Magoski Arts Colony in Fullerton, California.

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