jar six By Ashley Miranda

jar       six

molten girls walk in unison
hold hands and protect
their utterances

on the pavement, a chalk outline
a permanent stain

every night, we redraw the outline of her body

our body

make no mistake                       it’s murder

gendercide is the melting of precious metals
gendercide is an infection that spurns
gendercide is you fucking my dead body
gendercide is detachment

i am a melted paradise, disfigured so that only man could glisten

gendercide; a man screams out against
as he reinforces the concrete slabs that suffocate me

gendercide is that i am only fuckable; once i am fucked, i am a black mold.

death is drinking molotov cocktails
because it’s the only option you gave her

By Ashley Miranda


Ashley Miranda is a latinx poet from Chicago. Her work has been previously featured by the Denver Quarterly, Yes, Poetry, Ghost City Review, Lockjaw Magazine, and Glass Poetry Press. She tweets impulsive poetry and other musings @dustwhispers.

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