Application For The Position Of Survivor By Phoenix Ashe

Application For The Position Of Survivor

this is the morning you regrow wings. here is the place
the sun shines, the clouds bump into each other so often

it feels like hugs. somewhere two little animals fall in love.
there is lightning striking on a dandelion in a desert. there

are the two people whose veins entwined with each other
in the moment before they said goodbye. five miles away

from the sea is a forest fire. here is where i let go. i throw
a dart of love at you and it transforms to poison before

striking. your hair is grass. her hair is waves. my hair is
petals. there is so much beauty everywhere it spills. in a

school a little boy learns of death. a church teaches sin.
the ocean is in flames. the sky turns to tar. footsteps in the

dark. the stars melt and drip. chaos disguises itself as poetry.
i am so happy it leaks out and i embody emptiness again.

the world is in colour. the colours burst into music. the music
silences itself. the future blossoms like a flower and wilts just

as quickly. this is how i fall out of love. my head shakes. your
heart hammers. the world is watching in detail. here is the

sad look in your parents eyes because you’re never enough,
here is where you apologise over and over at three am to yourself,

crying. here is where you learn to love yourself because somebody
has to, here is the place you learn to give love to everyone because

there’s enough sadness already and it has to begin somewhere. here is
all the love to give to people and in the corner is what you refused to

take back. here are all your childhood imaginary friends. your talents, for
validating you. the compliments you saved in a folder catching fire.

hidden in your heart is the elixir of survival. the eyelashes flutter. your lungs
puff up. your eyes are watered down. the secret is revealed.

you survive, you survive, you survive.

By Phoenix Ashe


Phoenix Ashe is a 17-year-old university freshman. She is also a poet, baker and an artist, and also considers herself a feminist queen, a kind libertarian, and a multilingual goddess. She is the founder of The Trouvaille Journal, where she also serves as the Editor-in-Chief.

You can find her on her website , her twitter (@PhoenixAshe), and instagram ( @perfphoenix ), and read her work on wattpad ( @theperfectphoenix ).

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