Journey to the 1st world By Akachi Obijiaku

Journey to the 1st world

A Poem on Migration (Seeking better opportunities)

Don’t judge me – it’s substantially better
The lives and the looks – they’re significantly fairer
A thousand miles I go, I fly to my saving grace
A land of the unknown – whispers of a dreamy life
We are painted as villains, we are
As we flee our homeland to the arc

It’s a boeing 747 but it’s my arc
My ticket to a new life in a place with no strife
Across the oceans, I hear it flows with milk and honey
I hear they drink fresh milk
I hear of the lack of sweat patches on their silk

The ear pressure as we ascend –
Apprehended by the silent judgement of patriots.
A national treasure I seem to be
Well, where was the love before I ceased to be?
Fended for by wolves on the street

The journey I’m on is a risk but I hope it’s brisk
The critics rage as I migrate
Yet my hopes and dreams they ate
I march along, brethren, I march
And my mother think it’s fatal but I think she’s just post-natal

The future lies ahead
No more waiting, lest I dread my choice.

By Akachi Obijiaku


Akachi Obijiaku is an emerging poet residing in London. Originally from Nigeria, she is interested in international arts development and practice. Only three months after writing her first ever poem, one of her works has been accepted for publication in a 2018 issue of the Sentinel Literary Quarterly. She uses poetry as a platform to address social ills.

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