Hurricane Harvey Relief Initiative

Hurricane Harvey Relief Initiative

A letter & Call to Action From Our Editor-In-Chief

Dear Readers,

I am overcome by the vastness of the devastation and the suffering inflicted on the citizens of Texas by Hurricane Harvey. Anguish and grief at the loss of life has left a deep sinkhole in my heart. Reader, I feel the weight of so many lives breaking, and I want to help ease the pain. I want to let others know they are not alone and that they are infinitely loved.

That is why I have decided to donate 75% of every sale from Keystones, my first poetry collection, to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The funds that are raised will be divided evenly between the United Way of Greater Houston, Direct Relief, and Coalition for the Homeless of Huston / Harris County.

My earnest hope is to assist in the effort of reconstruction and healing in Texas as much as I can. I hope those of you who have the ability will join me in this effort in whichever way you deem most appropriate and compassionate. Starting this initiative with Keystones is one method I have identified in my own life to be of service to those in need. Some days all I have are the words in Keystones. I want to make good use of them and put them to work to ease the suffering of others. I want to give people harmed by this tragedy more than thoughts, prayers, and memes. I kindly ask for your help in making this a reality.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of Keystones for this cause, you can find eBook copies here and print copies here.

Humbly yours with love & solidarity,

-Christian Sammartino
Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Rising Phoenix Press

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