PTSD By Jack M. Freedman


Post-traumatic stress disorder
Prone to serious depression
Pain that seldom dwindles
Processing the same day
Plaguing the soul, drowning
Playing the sounds daily
Poor times seem definite
Pessimism that seems deadly
Perpetually torturous, strikingly demonic
Passion terminated, seemingly destitute
Pouring tears, streaming down
Perusing the sorrowful darkness
Photographic, the static dimension
Pass through Satan’s doorway
Pass the sour diesel
Prescribed thirty seven drugs
Pilsner, tequila, sangria, diazepam
Parched, taste sullied, dry
Pariah to society, derelict
Prone to steady decline
Praying that screams dissipate
Prone to suicide, damned
Primordial threats, safety diminished
Peace threatened, seeminigly dead
Passion tranquilized, sudden demise
Past the summit, dropping
Plummeting, the soul deadens
Praying that solitude dissolves

By Jack M. Freedman


Jack M. Freedman is a poet and spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. He is the author of Serotonin Seas, Never Lick the Spoon, Tobias, and Art Therapy 101. Publications in which his work can be found include Unquiet Desperation, Espresso Ink, Boston Literary Magazine, NYSAI Press,, AIPF di-verse-city, POSTblank, and Free Lit Magazine.

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