One Poem By Eleanor Gray

ambush of evening, solstice spilled on stone
without animal blood but other: our true names written
where river runs her blue arms through a velvet meadow

pale one, bending to waters, with a language of seeing &
silent woods, I am obscured by every beauty

you have never belonged

fleshed with the ordinary work of death,
irreducible in otherness

black violets, marsh-lily, open as many mouths in the
open chest of diligence

the day is feasting on the innocent, reeds of sun
bound in their song

familiar world, I do not know you

what does my mad heart dream of? my fingers,
stained with the tithe of violets

a dark sea spread with voyages, shy animals,
a garden where all love is,

far from me

with only dreams to feed the soul on,  I go,
through the dark wood,            wings waxen

time has no name for you, the words of otherworld
are written across your wolf-skin, intelligible

I seek you when darkness all falls           all

my spirit, like a woman silenced, slave to the moon’s
hooded grief, endless heavens wrought to flesh

with the scent of penance in the weeds, the wand of the master,
featherwork of redundancy

silver ships darn beneath a lightless noon, all that the soul remembers
I touch nothing, hold no one, wounded world, must I enter your chamber?

lilies in the field, your eyes are dim and burning, like the plains
the riders know by heart

tenderness, I seek you,     undress amongst the thrushes
the earth will not kneel, forgive

By Eleanor Gray


Eleanor Gray is, well, the other co-founder of Figroot Press. She currently resides in California with her cat, PS4 and a very beloved collection of books. She graduated from Sacramento State University with a BA in English Literature and has been writing and reading religiously for as long as she can remember. It is hard to find an open and vibrant community of other writers; she wishes to attain and commit herself to a little world consisting of other passionate poets, artists, writers and readers. You can find her on Tumblr at: http://smakka–

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