One Poem By Eleanor Gray

blue existence,
dusky star, centuries of dew,
I touch with my hands

indigo sea, drowsy with the song
of venus

shadow woman, dawn-eyed,
dark-tongued, the soul is
dispelled by its own understanding,
the pale tenor of herons
riding among the wings of evening

am I lost, or stolen? have I ever

eternity unravels in the crocus-arms
of conviction, jade-mouthed
color of a plum

focusing a golden arrow,
where no one else has loved me

outside, starless dark, a world that
will not open

birds sing into night with their gentle hearts,
they too, will leave

illegible one, among shy animals, by your
hands you bring bright waters
a river jeweled with white animal

outside of you, is it infinite
or just dark?
shadow, veil, shadow
as if, winter                        dim, grief strewn,
you            along the seashore sands
ocean musk, field spine, treeless marsh,
foraging hunger

world empty of me

farewell, true one, by night’s cruel hand
I lose you

By Eleanor Gray


Eleanor Gray is, well, the other co-founder of Figroot Press. She currently resides in California with her cat, PS4 and a very beloved collection of books. She graduated from Sacramento State University with a BA in English Literature and has been writing and reading religiously for as long as she can remember. It is hard to find an open and vibrant community of other writers; she wishes to attain and commit herself to a little world consisting of other passionate poets, artists, writers and readers. You can find her on Tumblr at: http://smakka–

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