Miracles By Eric Allen Yankee


With nature
Not against it
Bareness + simplicity
This heathen country
Remains our friend
Until we all hail Caesar
Walmart sperm bank
Whirlpool hurricane hospital
Dunkin Drugs and Donuts
Kentucky fried chick Fil a Church
And our hands are raised up
Don’t shoot me, Mr. Grey
Go back to your secretary
And tell her you love her
Or give all your money away
But don’t shoot us, Mr. Grey
Let’s have more miracles
That blow sweet Jesus in the rain
Not against the blood stained wind
The people will leave their alleys
Behind leave the alleys behind
Dump their shopping carts
In fields of namaste
And create miracles
That build cooperation
Without corporation

By Eric Allen Yankee


Eric Allen Yankee is a member of the Revolutionary Poets Brigade of Chicago. His work appears in The People’s Tribune, Calamus Journal, Five 2 One Magazine, RISE (2017 Vagabond Books), Overthrowing Capitalism Volume 2 & 3, The Good Men Project, and others. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He is the author of RIOT (2017 Finishing Line Press), American Bullet (2017 Atomic Theory), and Bees Against the War (2017 Locofo Chapbooks).

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