‖:Reset By Ashely Adams


After Undertale

This first time we played,
I held your buttercup-stained smile
between my ribs. We were a god
that broke the crust on our kingdom.
But I lost your heart in the garden,
my body in the arrows

*I watched you return,
a hollowed corona.
It smelled like
rattling bones and dust.

Promise not to laugh
when I tell you this world
is kill or be killed.

*Remember the blind dogs; the snow
is so deep. Your face was meant
to be stitched with tears,
not this fractured science.

Here, I find you again
under angel rune, flowers echoing our new

*name—the fallen human,
a  c h a i n  o f  p u l s i n g  l e t t e r s
you could never arrange into truth.

I shatter the king
in the mountain. Swallow
these jarred spectrums all
for you.

*My rusted blade
can’t cut through your
stop this
ecstatic megalovania.

This metal LoVe pulls me
down through
folded timelines. A cinnamon mercy

*will bury us.
Let me share this weight
at the end of the world.
if only for a moment
breaks the mirrored sky.
A sunset crowns our



don’t want this to be over.
*to let go

Are you sure you want to reset? :‖

‖:Reset originally appeared in Koru Magazine

By Ashely Adams


Ashely Adams is an MFA candidate in nonfiction at the University of South Florida. Her work has appeared in Flyway, Heavy Feather Review, Fourth River, Anthropoid, Permafrost, OCCULUM. She has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and was selected as Best in Show for the Antioch Writers Workshop Fiction Fellowship contest.

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