i have not written a poem in three weeks By kmp

i have not written a poem in three weeks

my heart has broken & healed & broken
i am out of love
i rise, i wash, i eat, i work
the sun filters through the leaves
of the apricot tree i climbed as a
child & i feel nothing. eden was
a prison, too.

and this morning i rose before dawn
with an ache in my shoulder
so bad i could not
breathe deeply,
i worked nine hours,
bought a bar of chocolate on clearance,
and washed clothes for my job interview
a process drawn out
by the busted pipes
which make it so i must stand and
watch the machine
to catch it before it overflows when
it drains.

in my dreams i say
i would rather eat glass
and what i mean is this:
my insides are torn up, anyway; how
could it be worse to finally
bleed out?

 By kmp


kmp is a southern californian poet and aspiring lit major working two jobs to put herself through college. she wants to know everything, feel everything, be everything; she won’t settle for less. kmp has previously published poetry in Rising Phoenix Review, The Wall, L’Éphémère Review, and Werkloos Mag, as well as in her chapbooks “UNBOUND” and “Ask Me a Question//I’ll Write You a Poem.”

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