Starving Season By Jeffrey Holmes

Starving Season

This room
Resting several stories high
I have not left in days

Snow caresses the ground, but
The silence castigates my hunger

No light, no food
My body will melt faster than the snow

Dripping with envy
Watching myself disappear
I don’t care about real life

A season of asceticism
My discipline my downfall
I don’t care about real life

A saint of asceticism
Blinded by hunger pangs
My draw distance kept in this room

Each season
Frailty my crutch

Each season
I tell myself

I don’t care about real life

By Jeffrey Holmes


Jeffrey Holmes is a journalist and philosophy graduate student from Philadelphia, PA.  Their experience includes writing and editing for a range of publications, including the Daily Local News, the West Chester Zine, and RateYourMusic.  During their bachelor’s program, Holmes served as the entertainment editor for the Quad, West Chester University’s campus newspaper and a DJ for 91.7 WCUR FM.  Recently, they presented original work on environmental conservation at Yale University’s Graduate Conference in Religion and Ecology, and currently, they are finishing a master’s thesis on identity politics in the United States.

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