THE 27 CLUB By Kelly Peacock


There are three pairs of sneakers

hanging by their laces from telephone lines—
a pair each for Hendrix, Cobain, Winehouse.
You wonder how long it will be
until you end up with the rest of them.
This almost feels like a confession.
You do not ask for it,
but I wonder
if forgiveness means anything
at all.
By Kelly Peacock


Kelly Peacock is a poet and a student at Fairleigh Dickinson University, eager to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing in May 2018. She has interned with The Poetry Society of New York at The Typewriter Project and The Poetry Festival as well as interned at The Literary Review. While she has not been published yet, she is currently working on her collection of poems. She hopes that these four poems, “ROSARY,” “HEAR,” “RELAPSING,” and “THE 27 CLUB, will make someone, anyone, feel something.

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