Disarm: A Themed issue Responding to Mass Shooting in America

One of our goals this year is to create more themed issues to facilitate the creation of poetry addressing specific social issues. Our first theme is a call for poems responding to mass shootings in America.

We are seeking poetry that responds to the growing frequency of mass shootings in America. What would our country look like if leading decision makers stopped privileging unlimited gun rights over the lives of the people we love? Show us that world. If you have been effected by gun violence, please also feel free to use this space to share your thoughts about your experience. Our platform is yours to express what you need to say. We want a world where the lives of our friends and loved ones are not cut short by the finality of a bullet. We want our children to grow old and live to build beautiful things. Melt down the guns and ammunition. Disarm the tools of violence.

We ask all of our past contributors and friends of Rising Phoenix Review to consider contributing to this issue and spreading the news about this call.

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