(self-) i wait for the third wish By Anna Wang

(self-) i wait for the third wish

oh genie / he said / grant me all of the stolen / things i have lost. and the wisp
of blue / the smoke / of dignity. last week a girl / swayed like willow
leaves in the wind / the dry rain / the rustle of drought. / my mouth is still
parched / he opens / the desert unfurls and needles to / touch and / the next
day he wanted / another tongue. give me a reason. one // this flesh will only
taste sour flesh / only the bruised days and their yolks two // i want to touch /
i am thirst for it i am / the next day a wish that sounds like command but
is not // i need / a crime / i am / the better option //        / i say you want
infidelity / i send him / man / monkey / a cloth
for absolving this lamp / its warbled reflection

By Anna Wang


Anna Wang is a high school sophomore from Lincolnshire, Illinois. She has been recognized by the Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and her poetry appears in Eunoia Review.

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