Where Are We From? By Adedayo Ademokoya


In the lake of nowhere, I was submerged
Memories put time under restraint
The incredible jargon of life seem clueless
As I cleave to my earth to cultivate
The rebellion of my heart’s Sahara
Let me find solace in the Dunes
Sing to my deaf ears, hamerkop
Lemur, make me comprehend
The defiance of the baobab
Lost in the eye of Africa
The nostalgia of our unsung heroes

I sailed the Red Sea, jumped over the Kano wall
Rode on the meticulous giraffe and flew on the vulturine guinea fowl
What do I search for?
The Golden Fleece or the diamond sheep?
Jinx me on the Turkana Lake
Let the finfoot serenade me with remembrance
I just want to return to my source of hope
Let the colourful mandrill drill me with the threats of home
Djmaa el Fna, bring succor of the precious times
Crown the grey crowned crane as king of flight
I just want to go home!

By Adedayo Ademokoya


Adedayo Ademokoya is a writer and poet who is crazily in love with infusing passion to bring life out of words to express himself. He sometimes writes with the pseudonym ‘Fantasticdee’. Some of his works have appeared on BravesArts Africa, Praxis Magazine, Parousia Magazine, Indian Periodical, African Writer, Thought Catalog and elsewhere.

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