#Me Too By Destyni Boulanger

#Me Too

Much later,
when I am alone in my bed
in a different part of our city,
I feel the weight of you
flattening me.
For a bit, I had let
myself forget how heavy you are,
your limbs so much bigger
than the parts of me
that tried to push
you away.
And now,
it has been months
since I’ve slept
without your elbows digging
into my rib cage
your beard like sandpaper against my
throat, breath in my ear
reminding me that you
where the first person/last person,
who could ever
want me.
You are so goddamn heavy
and I am so fucking tired
and tonight it feels
like your bones might grind
every piece of me
to dust.

wouldn’t that be
a release?

By Destyni Boulanger


Destyni Boulanger is a full-time English Major/paper-writing-machine. She’s authored a chapbook called Scorpion Girl and has performed spoken word poetry across Western Canada. When she isn’t writing or studying she runs a community bike shop in hopes of funding her lifelong dream to live in her van and travel the world.

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