Lake Travis By Ailey O’Toole

Lake Travis

For Renee

Anywhere with you feels like
San Francisco fog, feels like driving
through the vineyards at sunrise, feels
like everything I ever thought
I knew about life coming true.

You, drenched in a sunshower,
cigarette in hand, a smirk playing
across your lips as I kiss you.

Anywhere with you feels like
street vendors in Paris, feels like
the wonder of Versailles, feels
like laying on the dewy grass
under the Eiffel Tower.

You, convertible top down, hair
wrestling with the wind, chin tilted
back in laughter, taking
my hand and running.

Anywhere with you feels like
Texas in July, feels like skimming
the lake on skis, feels like driving
my grandfather’s boat while
the air crackles with heat.

You, punch-drunk, listening
to The 1975, curled up
in my sheets, smiling in your
sleep. I’d go anywhere with you.

By Ailey O’Toole


Ailey O’Toole is a queer poet and bartender who writes about feminism, empathy, and pain. She hopes everyone who reads her poems feels less alone in their struggle. Her work has previously appeared in or is forthcoming from After the Pause, Rising Phoenix Review, Ghost City Review, Bone and Ink Press, Okay Donkey, and others. She tweets at @ms_ocoole.


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