lost and found by By Constance Schultz

lost & found

have you ever been lost
in the city
so far away from everything

lost in the city
at night
no quarters &
no one to call
if you did
no one & it’s dark
‘cept for lights
left on all night
to scare away thieves
but you’re lost

not even the moon comes out
& it’s city
but houses
are far apart
& where is that
(phone booth)


w/people & buildings
squeezing you
afraid to ride a bus &

you have to walk &
you do
you walk &

go even farther away
& wait even longer
& the driver doesn’t want
to chat

the people are looking
at their shoes

you find your way
back because
you are good at that
& what then

By Constance Schultz


Constance R. Schultz and her family live by Grand Coulee Dam in Washington State. Her writing is greatly influenced by Carl Sandburg, Diane diPrima and Langston Hughes.

Ms. Schultz has work in the Calamus Journal, Figroot Press, The Seattle Star, Jenny Mag and Stonecoast Review.

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