ICU By Cassidy Black

blue-eyed homegirls
with shadows that follow
we have burned
to have a body
black-lunged thrillers
couldn’t kill us
if they tried
i’m not that kind
of woman
have i created
enough distance to
miss you
even with worlds
and years
between us?
i drive myself into
the ditch and brag
about the bruises
in the ICU
i was wearing
a new smile
and they blew out
the candle
afraid of my flame
i wanted to knock
over the armchairs
rip off my clothes
and make them
lick the sweat
i waited for one
of them to kiss
me for fear
i will leave
because they know
that i will
i let life wash
over me
i don’t know
any better
By Cassidy Black
Cassidy Black is a small-town poet and op-ed article contributor for her local newspaper. She has attended Winter Tangerine’s summer writing workshop at Poets House, NYC. She collects postcards, glass bottles, and experiences she can write about.

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