Interrogations of my sexuailty By Sankara Olama-Yai

Interrogations of my sexuailty

Woman,           Man                everything
is sexual
Attraction                                is more complicated
When questioned

Easier for you if I “pick a side”
Or choose your god
over my kiss and virtue

“Who do you like more though ?”
My natural inclination is
more of a swinging pendulum

“Aren’t you just like really horny ? ”
No        Yes…but no. Not any more
than you are
Just a different experience
You don’t yet understand

“Oh but you don’t seem….”
Do you believe everything you see on TV ?

Caricatures are for hollywood archetypes
We are all the same human
in different forms
There are infinite ways to be
the same thing

“Are you sure it’s not just a phase”
Are you sure that’s not a cliche already,
Mom. Everything is a phase in life, as life itself is a phase
before our further journey. This is a phase, one that’ll last through
this lifetime

“Now I have to be jealous of both girls and
guys, how is that fair ?”
I don’t belong to your insecurities
i’m not leaving or switching sides
I’m not more compelled towards affairs
You simply have me or you don’t

“But how did you know you were…?”
I wasn’t always sure but when i knew i just knew
Confusion is the root of growth
and i grew into this skin when i fell into confusion
and understood
who i was

My dream is that “coming out” becomes
an extinct tradition, like relics only seen
in black and white movies
and that no one finds comfort in the safety of shadows behind
closet doors,peeking through the cracks for the light
of acceptance
never crave what is owed to you
what is yours
by natural right

“Do you think you’re bi
Just so that you have more options for being loved”

You’re projecting    again   there is no rhyme or reason only
natural attraction
I’m just me    and   i shouldn’t have to question that
any more than you should

question why you’re straight

By Sankara Olama-Yai


Poems by Sankara” Le Prince Héritier” Olama-Yai. Sankara is an LGBTQ+, African American student who currently studies at Penn State. They is a reader for Frontier poetry. Poems have previously been published by Weasel press, InSpiritry and Military Review, they have had work accepted by 805 lit won three Scholastic Art&Writing awards for his poetry. Sankara is in the process of publishing their first two poetry books with Vital Narrative Press.

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