This is an Asking By Elisabeth Horan

This is an Asking

Feel this — asking; it’s from the men

it’s new,          like a marriage,


many things from you

red, fresh wet          things

as if you might change your name

to its name –
see,        she is whispering
see,        she must love u           sexually tempting

such as tornado damage           u r a ravaged virgin
can do to you                               consonants ctrl              buckle like kn(ee)s

they said –

get up, again again             it makes you
come up for more embarrassment                harsh air

can you get up                         shamedbaby
after such a pummeling        youngbride

the wind is a selfish pig
likes it rough                          thinks nothing
of blowing                               you down

or little pink houses —- like bodies

around                around              around.

By Elisabeth Horan

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