first heartbreak: a ghazal for angelica By Adithi Raghavan

first heartbreak: a ghazal for angelica

dedicated to my second language: english.

at first, a delirious haze, siren song, caught in her name.
a crooked rose, trodden in bittersweet fame, her name:

angelica. serpent of tongues. daughter of Pandora.
beautiful evil of colonized tongues—stolen names:

murderer. gone is my mother tongue. imprisoned away.
but her name, like honey, dripped from my lips, when i begged her to stay—

you leech. claiming your territory, see my iron-stained veins.
my identity dissipates. i once called the sun’s name—

angelica. my own voice sounds foreign to me, when i call you.
fading into the background, left among the choir, same song, same name:

angelica. like the fleeting wind, she danced her seductive ways.
onto her next victim. fluid paths of pain.

and now, all i know is her name.
my own, a mark of shame: what is my name?

By Adithi Raghavan


Adithi Raghavan is an emerging poet from Washington State whose poems have been published in several school literary magazines and online publications like the Apprentice Writer. She has a forthcoming publication in the Blue Marble Review. Her writing has also been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Currently, she is working on her first chapbook.

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