Portraiture Analysis with Anaphora By Bessie Huang

Portraiture Analysis with Anaphora

for Madame Cézanne

Here, she is ageless
and unfeminine, her corset

dripping into her lap. The skinless
man has eyes the color of blood-

shot and hers are patiently
blank. She sits like a spine

made of steel. He cannot be touched
but wants to touch her. Here, he

is unforgiving, scattering
the color and scorching her

mouth with ash. I snap
a picture. Here. I do not know

whether to focus
on oblong or ochre or the room

leaning away. Here—she is
looking at her hands

but there is nothing

between them. So I listen:
here: silent passion, the two,

head to hollow
head, his hands grasping her

cheeks and hers grasping hortensias.
Every time he looks

at her, she is remade. Here
her hair is down and she does not look

like herself. Suddenly he is painting
with a weapon. Her face becomes

his. She is exactly
what he wants.

By Bessie Huang


Bessie Huang is seventeen years old, hails from Maryland, sits exclusively in lotus pose, and prefers to go by Ivy, at least for now.

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