Abundant By Bri.G


I trapped my god/in cheesecloth/squeezed
with my whole body/wingspan/ stretching the
tips of my fingers /collapse to fill the decanter of
my two clean palms/ a pomegranate/613 seeds
and distasteful rind to carry them / I unsheath
my sharpest blade and/freed them
of their home/grave/water droplet rubies /I put 3
in my pocket/ to carry/ wedged one passed my
breasts/ lodging into a disk /with one reluctant
hand/crushed the rest / let juices/leak my fingers
/and there was god / alighted unburdened/quiet in
my palm/look past a small being/ the r e a c h i n g
world beneath my feet/ smile/a sigh/ tremble whisper/

please be gentle, and everything
will come and come abundant

By Bri.G


Bri.G is a poet and student from Portland Oregon. She recently released her first chap book ‘There’s Room for You Here’ which touches on self love, relationships, and god stuff. Bri’s is currently studying creative writing and publishing at Portland State University, that is of course, until formal education breaks her spirit. Most importantly she believes in you!

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