Sacrilege By TAK Erzinger


It was a somber funeral
a grave yard for trees

with branches charred
like burnt chicken bones.

In the sunlight, we observed
those crooked fingers scratching

at the sky’s blue skin as
lingering clouds of smoke

lifted like souls from lifeless bodies
not quite ready to be released.

Their sacred gathering had
been defiled by a blasphemer,

a non-believer in their truth
and they were set a light

and burnt like heretics with little
time for their congregation to

save their lives. We returned to
mourn, discovering our own

fragility, wagging its finger
at us in culpability, while the sea

nodded its head in hopeless prayer.

*Inspired after witnessing first-hand the aftermath of a major forest fire that occurred in Lavandou France in 2017.

By TAK Erzinger


TAK Erzinger is an American Swiss poet. She is also an English teacher. Her poetry is greatly influenced by all that has surrounded her past to present. At the end of 2016 she had a nervous break-down and was diagnosed with a burn-out due to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Nature, writing and art have accompanied her through the recovery process. It is the imagery of nature and the mundane activities of everyday life that feature prominently in her poems. The themes in her poetry touch upon varying degrees of loss, forgiveness and healing, as well as some social commentary of the 21st century.

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