National Poetry Month Prompts: 2020

In celebration of National Poetry Month, we will post one new writing prompt every day. I thank every poet who uses these prompts as inspiration for new writing. I greatly enjoy the opportunity to read your work! I encourage each of you to consider submitting your new poetry for a future issue of Rising Phoenix Review.

If you are looking for inspiration for new poetry, you can view the full lists of prompts beneath this post. I will add a new prompt to this list each day this month, so feel free to check this list often. I hope these prompts prove to be a launching pad for your creativity!



April 1: Write a poem to your best friend.

April 2: Write a poem about your pet.

April 3: Write about your first memory of snow.

April 4: Write about a time you were forgiven.

April 5: Write a poem about what the light touches.

April 6: Look up & watch the clouds. Now, write what you witnessed.

April 7: Describe something you want right now.

April 8: Write a poem about a ritual you use to dispel anger.

When you are ready, please consider submitting your new poems to Rising Phoenix Review.

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