amor de mis amores By Antonia Silva

amor de mis amores

I am young and gay / my first summer in oregon / I dig irrigation lines / learn to love the
cloudless skies / fix broken sprinklers / cherish the golden raspberries / wrestle weeds from dirt sunbaked / stuff my mouth full of fresh blackberries / prune wild roses / every sprouted muscle / a reminder of my lineage / from a family of earthworkers / all of us / molded in mud / sculpted with soil / I meet my first lover / in the garden / both of us on the run / history a thicket of thistles / our tongues knock kisses / plum pits and cherry skins / bodies unfamiliar / even to ourselves / we forget our family names / journey out to the woods / dive into clearwater / river rush of divinity / a salamander god suns on a rock / regards us with one eye open / no es un mal de ojo / more kin than sin / under the cloak of opal pools / I sing to my lover / ponme la mano aquí macorina / ponme la mano aquí / tu boca una bendición / de guanabana madura

By Antonia Silva


Antonia Silva is a queer Mexican-American poet from Santa Ana, California who currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Antonia’s work is published in Tinderbox Poetry Journal.

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