Sundial By Maham K


peroxide sun wheel                 the milky sky
my garments frothy                 gaze slanted shy

time flakes off in twelves                    the week yawns
halo of gnats        ragged face brushed soft

a raw scrape        fluid bones              paper cut
monkey wrench               coffee cake                dumb stump

I eat my eggs         I walk home          I tell lies
dazed by                 the sun       & its                wasteful suicide

the moon usurps               scornful                  a slim rib
growing fat on a                gorgeous brute’s                 whims

I want to die        I want no mother           or prophet
I                   choke             on                          god’s               gigantic              silence

By Maham K


Maham K is a poet, artist & medical student from Karachi, Pakistan. She has been published by Indige Zine, Berry Magazine, Soliloquie Magazine, and Luna Rio Zine.

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