te quiero con limón y sal By Antonia Silva

te quiero con limón y sal

crab legs steamed in garlic
fish tacos and hornitos
on the coast of california
queer with my lover, we’re

the only gays in this bar
and we don’t give a fuck
I’m in love with a smoky
mid-summer day, a honeyed

shot of sol where nothing
seems sweeter, this type
of amor I heard about from
my tía: a chavela grito

on the hottest night of
the year my heart
breaks en borrachero
over seafood, tequila gold

mi queridx es un alacrán
the scorpion from an old
folktale about a brujx that
hexes men into dry deserts

in this version of the story
they are marimacha, charmer
of lesbianas across bramble
and bush, in each prickled spine

my lover is a heart biter
centuries old, they sting
more lips and hips than don juan
smoother than a casket cabrón


By Antonia Silva


Antonia Silva is a queer Mexican-American poet from Santa Ana, California who currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Antonia’s work is published in Tinderbox Poetry Journal.

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