Beloved By Adeyeye James Oluwatobi


This moment abducts me into our memories

I see your face in the blue moon
& I remember the colour of your kisses
I know love is a city in your heart
& beauty a room in your body

I know melody is a coven in your throat where birds with beautiful voices sing
& comfort a river on your tongue
Where souls course undisrupted
& that’s is why I worship you in every Art
In every wonder that comes with the days
Like when the stars glitter, I remember your golden face
When fireflies fly , I remember your elegance
The way you Ray hope through the windows of your smile
& For every silence that arrives on the wings of solitude
I wallow in your absence –
This is because you burn in me like fire
& leave me wandering in the flames of your glow.

By Adeyeye James Oluwatobi


Adeyeye James Oluwatobi is an Electrical /Electronics Engineer and a poet. He explores the intersection between human conditions and faith in his works. He was listed among the top 100 poets for the 2019 Nigerian Students Poetry Prize. His works have featured in many anthologies and journals

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