violet/the end By vanessa maki

violet/the end

1. in my wildest of dreams
the sky would be violet
the clouds would be shaped
as question marks
to match my internal confusion
& it’d make sense to be here

2. damn right in my wildest dreams
i’d be braver in the moments
that called for it
or bolder in the moments that maybe
didn’t require it but needed a little kick

3. the color purple & violet
are meant to keep us grounded
but violet also relates to fantasy
& escape
how fitting is that for me?

4. violet in no capacity
represents the end
where the bullshit is finally over
& yet i still want violet skies
in my dreams & otherwise
maybe for hopes of
maybe for hope to exist at all

By vanessa maki


vanessa maki is a queer writer, visual artist & blk feminist whose work has appeared or will appear in various places. She has self-published chapbooks & has several chapbooks forthcoming or out this year: the chosen one (Animal Heart Press), sweet like limes (Bone & Ink Press) & another final girl (Roaring Junior Press).


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