Slippages By Agunbiade Kehinde


my chest bears the fruits of an unwanted tree. and my days open into the silent arms of darkness. i count the number of trees: their falling leaves, like years of being left alone dancing to a song bereaved of harmonies. each day I slip into a flood of lances. i walk around with a conversation with the birds, with the breeze,with the young lady in abaya who says i am inaudible.  i was told depression is a blindfold to everything breathing. tonight i sit close to my bed. and i keep remembering the number of times I have drowned in my sleep. and why i should take the risk again tonight. my lover’s heart is a crossroad i do not know its navigation. i am lost in the labyrinth of giving your heart to someone else to lord. i am lost in the middle of a song. in a body where every scar has a story. in a body where freedom comes with a price, i am held hostage. how fast does one escape from memories carrying thorns? i name myself after everything that brings happiness but sometimes names don’t conform to the body of their bearer.

By Agunbiade Kehinde


Agunbiade Kehinde is a young Nigerian poet and journalist. His works have featured and forthcoming in Vagabond City Lit, The Kalahari Review, The Pangolin Review, MusicInAfrica, Tucks Magazine amongst others. He studies English Literature at the department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University.

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