If Fame Comes Or Not By Kolawole Samuel Adebayo

If Fame Comes Or Not

At times, I type my name into Google,
Tell the search engine to search for who I am,
And the internet tells me I am scanty — nothing about the street I grew up in
nothing about my secondary school laurels,
Only a few pictures trying to colour me into limelight.
When I was a boy, I wanted to be famous,
To be the alpha male leading the line
In a pack of wolves, trudging the army on,
Bearing the torch which lights the forest.
But I have realized that fame
Is a distant city that only a few find.
So, I don’t wanna be famous no more.
I don’t want the scrutiny of the spotlight no more.
I am a traveler walking around the edges of the earth
And I just wanna do enough to bury my name in the beach of hearts,
To write myself as an epitaph on your mind’s walls.
It does not matter if the internet knows who I am or not,
As long as I am there in your heart — undead — still living
Even after my departure, it’s okay. Really, it’s okay.
And if I am lucky enough, I will be one of those
That the city comes to even when they don’t look for it…

Previously Published By Glass: A Journal of Poetry

By Kolawole Samuel Adebayo


Kolawole Samuel Adebayo is an old soul in a young Nigerian body whose poems seek to awaken the human consciousness. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming on Glass Poetry, Button Poetry, Burning House Press, Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine, Tuck Magazine, Black Pride Magazine, PAROUSIA magazine, WRR, BPPC anthology, and elsewhere. He likes to connect with his friends via his Twitter handle, @samofthevoice.

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  1. Great. Love this piece from a Comrade. I hope to hear my own voice (in poetic lines) echoing round the globe. Much love brother

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