Migrant By Ozota Gerald Obinna


Do you still remember home? migrant!
Do you still remember the steep road to your father’s house?

You have lost your voice ___ soon your tongue
and your pastures aren’t getting greener.

Your soul will be will be manure to these lands,
which your children hold no legitimacy.

It is not too late to return home
and repair the leaking roof in your poor village.

You are a king in your father’s land
and everything else you are a slave.

This journey was not yours to embark.
You lost course when you sailed away from home.

By Ozota Gerald Obinna


Ozota Gerald Obinna writes from Nigeria. He studies at University of Nigeria, Nsukka, He writes to stay happy. His poem Walls was Long-listed in The Nigeria Student Poetry Prize 2020 and his works have appeared in Praxis magazine,Kalahari Review and several anthologies.

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