Sappho Poem By Daniela Calderon

Sappho Poem

You and I
In a tangle of limbs,
Strung together like metaphors;
The signified and the signifier.

You, like noble Odysseus, sailing into the deepest alcoves of my body.
Oh, how my fingers trace
The curvature of your lips
And the spaces between your shoulder blades

Drawn as constellations upon the irises of Aphrodite.
Molten candles, dripping wax
In a city that’s too cold.
And still, I count my calories to make room for

Your touch.
We loosen, knot by knot, the strings of our bodies.
My love, only to you are my tides drawn under
The cloudless moonlight.

By Daniela Calderon


Daniela Calderon is a 23-year-old writer from Las Vegas, NV. Born in Mexico in 1996, Daniela migrated to the U.S. at 6 years old. In the U.S., she quickly found an escape in the English language. While attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, she majored in English where she found discovered her interest in poetry. The poem she is submitting is titled “Sappho Poem.”

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